About Us

Our company is a collective of experienced people striving to build asset value.

We, Sky Aeroservices help customers seize business opportunities by optimizing the assistance and has developed a comprehensive range of services for inspecting off-lease or in-lease so their value can be independently and undisputedly ascertained.

Our duty is to assist you !

When you need to sell, buy or take the lease of an asset, Sky Aeroservices independently and professionally compiles reports enabling you to know the asset precise value, Buyers can see exactly what they are getting for their money in terms of exact model, accessories list and, perhaps above all, the asset condition.

Your target is ours !

Since our objective is to provide complete satisfaction to our customers like but no limited to airlines, lessors, insurers and government bodies, we strongly value transparency and regular feedback via scheduled reporting, emails and video conferences at every stage of the aircraft  progression.