Lease, Storage, Pre-purchase Inspections

Lease inspections

While a lease allows airlines to add an aircraft to their fleet without any ownership risks, it also introduces a series of unique challenges for the airline. Many of these challenges arise because the Lessor and the Lessee are looking at the lease from different perspectives.

Storage inspection

The asset owner/operator must send staff for inspection on long duration storage, when necessary. The more he knows about the aircraft before the acceptance, the lower is the risk of unplanned maintenance costs relating to preexisting defects found following acceptance.

Pre-purchase inspections

During the inspection, the Lessee should ensure that both the physical condition and the actual aircraft state are in line with the records (installed components, aircraft  configuration etc.) and that they are acceptable and consistent with the delivery conditions agreed in the lease contract. Sky Aeroservices ideally covers a full survey of the aircraft.

Records review

For deliveries and redeliveries, we are checking all statuses and related substantiation records required for process.

Physical inspection

We are performing a thorough physical inspection to ensure that the aircraft is in compliance with the airworthiness and meets delivery conditions.

Detailled report

The detailled inspection report with photos, so that every person involved in the operating lease can read, understand and evaluate the required information.

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